Connecting with the Community

Constable Gable believes that being in touch with the community is the key to operating a successful and effective law enforcement agency. The Precinct 3 Constables office practices a community based policing policy, a philosophy that combines traditional aspects of law enforcement with prevention measures, problem-solving, community engagement, and community partnerships. Constable Gable wants you to know that he and everyone at the Constable’s Office welcome you to stop by our offices to meet with us or flag down one our deputies anytime you feel the need find out information or provide us with information that will assist us in keeping the community safe.

Precinct 3’s website provides you the ability to take advance of our online services to report suspicious or criminal activity, request vacation watches, request information, and find information regarding protecting yourself and your property. Our mobile friendly website allows you request motorist assistance for yourself or others in need. You can also submit online crime tips including submitting photos from your mobile phone if you observe suspicious or criminal behavior.

It is the goal of this agency to continue to provide professional services including patrol, traffic enforcement, motorist assistance program, vacation watch program and community education programs. If you know a way we can better serve you and the community, Constable Gable requests that you contact us and let us know.